Giới thiệu

YEAR 2018

VINATIC HAI PHONG Ltd., began operations in July 2018. Our plant area was 40,000 square meters and the number of employees exceeded 250.

Firsly , We are focusing on plastics waste collecting, sorting , washing and  recycling all post-consumer plastic waste importing from USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Korea and domestic.

Expand market exporting to China, Brazil, Australia, India

We recycled 50,000 ton plastic waste in 2019

We built up recycled water retreat system at our plant where we recycled 100% water and treat it well before distrash to enviroment

ERP system was completely setted up 

YEAR 2019

YEAR 2020

We achieved PCR certification. RCS certification

In 2020, a special year, we have encountered the coronavirus COVID-19 and the downward pressure of the global economy caused by the Pandemic.
We invested in blowing bag film manufacturing in December

The company expanded the area of the plant from the original 40,000 square meters to the current 60,000 square meters. 

We recycled 60,000 ton plastic waste in 2020

We had GRS certification

ISO 1401 certification

We offer a 3R program(( Recollect – Reycle- Reuse) that help our customers have the best solution for their plastic waste management.

Our engineered solutions and commitment to sustainability to design products with higher levels of recycled content.

Expand 3R program

YEAR 2021