3R Program tiếng việt


We provide free bale machine, crusher & shredder machine and provide free pick up service for collecting waste plastics at your plant.

We even offer our sorting worker working at your plant and package in standard before sending our truck to pick it up.

Service will resume on your following scheduled pickup day. 

All the sorted plastic scrap is double washed, double squeezed with cold & hot water combine. We minimize the impurity in every single step.


We are the  recycler who achieves PCR certificate from APR ( The Association of Plastic Recyclers) in USA and RCS certificate from Control Union for our 100% recycled pellets


Our plant use high technology machines to save energy and built functional systems to treat and recycle 100% wasterwater and control air to protect the environment very well. All engine is powered by Siemens, Investor was made by Toshiba and Controller was made by Schneider . All automatically controlled and connected to our ERP system..




Our engineered solutions and commitment to sustainability to design products with higher levels of recycled content.


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